Integrated with temperature and humidity sensors

TH10S-B0P Probe

2-in-1 Temperature and Humidity Sensor

    $ 5.00 USD


● Waterproof
● Dustproof
● High temperature resistance
● High humidity resistance
● Integrated sensors
● Wide applications.

Integrated with temperature and humidity sensors, this probe can monitor two metrics at one time, reducing cost and improving efficiency.  

The embedded RS485 interface ensures it to pair with our IoT device WS1 Pro(optional extra) to provide measurements in extreme conditions. We provide customers with customised Micro USB port so you get a ready-to-use product as you receive it.

Moderately waterproof and dustproof features enable you to deploy it in dusty greenhouse or somewhere highly humid.

Part Number TH10S-B-P
Item 60g
Size of Probe 65mm x 46 x 29mm
Cable Length 300mm
Material ABS
Pobe Material PE
Connector Micro USB
Power Supply Range DC 5V to 12V
Operating Condition -40°C to +80°C (-40°F to +176°F) 0 to 100% RH
Storage Temperature Range -40°C to +80°C (-40°F to +176°F)
Accuracy ±0.5°C
Output Interface RS485
Communications Protocol Modbus

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