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UbiBot WS1Pro_FAQs

Question: Does the device collect data when the network is unavailable?

Answer: Yes. The device continues to monitor the environment even when no network is available. It stores the data in its on-device memory and will sync it when you move it to WiFi environment. Alternatively, you can manually export the data via our PC Offline Tool or WiFi AP.

Question: How to reset the device when my WiFi router password is changed?

Answer: Repeat the device setup steps and follow the on-screen instructions. Note: you need to type in the new WiFi password. All your data are kept unchanged when you changed the WiFi password or even you move the device to a new location.

Question: What kind of probe can be connected with the device?

Answer: The WS1 Pro supports 2 x DS18B20 temperature probe. The embedded RS485 interface allows soil temperature & humidity probe as well as environment temperature & humidity probe.

Question: Is there any subscription fee for using the platform?

Answer: There is no subscription fee.  

Question: How long will the batteries last?

Answer: With the default sync interval of 15 minutes, the device has a battery life of up to 4-6 months using 4 AA alkaline batteries.