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Question : Would this be ok to use inside a reptile vivarium?

Answer: Yes, it fits the environment well. You can monitor temperature, humidity and light lux at the same time. 

Question: can I use this inside a refrigerator?

Answer: The WS1 is able to monitor the temperature and humidity within a refrigerator since it falls within the operating range. However, due to the weakened WiFi signal and damp environment, we don’t recommend you to put the device inside the refrigerator directly. A better option is to use an external temperature probe, such as the DS18B20. Please see our other listings for the optional DS18B20 waterproof temperature probe with USB cable.

Question: How do i access my ws1 home sensor from my pc while at work ?

Answer:  After first time setting up your WS1 device through the UbiBot APP, your device will then be able to sync sensor readings regularly to our cloud-based platform through your WiFi router. 
Then, you can access to these data via the App or web platform anywhere in the world. 
Please make sure you have the internet connection with your WiFi router.

Question: Why is the device going offline that frequently? Batteries are new, it's in the same room as the WiFi router.


1.What kind of battery are you using? Please do not use Zinc Carbon batteries as they have low capacity (between one quarter and one fifth that of alkaline cells). 

2. What WiFi channel are you using? The device currently supports 1-13 channels 2.4GHz WiFi. If your WiFi router is 5GHz, the device will NOT be able to connect. 
Please feel free to contact us by customer support email address and let us know your Channel ID for us to diagnose the potential problem

Question: How long will the batteries last?

    Answer:  With the default data sync interval of 15 minutes, the device has a battery life of up to 4-6 months using 2 AA alkaline batteries.