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Dual pathway centimeter accurate flood detector. Timely and accurate early warning ensures damage is minimized.

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  • Dual Pathway Leakage Detection: Experience comprehensive coverage with dual-pathway leak detection, ensuring monitoring and alerts in two separate spaces simultaneously.
  • Real-time Alarm with Precision: Receive precise, centimeter-level positioning alerts in real-time, providing immediate notifications when leaks are detected.
  • Compatible with Smoke Alarm Integration: Seamlessly integrate with smoke alarms to enhance safety measures, allowing for a combined system approach.
  • RS485 Signal Output for External Relay Control: Utilize RS485 signal output functionality, enabling convenient control of external relays for expanded monitoring capabilities.
  • Versatile Alarm Methods for Easy Installation: Benefit from multiple alarm methods that simplify installation and usage, ensuring a hassle-free setup and operation.

    UbiBot Leakage/Flood Detector LD1 is designed with high-sensitivity water-detection cable which is fire-resistant and wear-resistant, with high breaking resistance, stable and reliable. When LD1 detects leakage/flood, it will trigger an audible and visual alarm immediately and display the location of the leakage on the LCD screen in real-time.

    LD1 syncs data to the UbiBot IoT cloud platform through WiFi/Cellular/RJ45 Ethernet connection (depending on the specific model purchased), allowing users to access and manage data remotely via multiple terminals like mobile App, tablet, and laptop, and receive real-time alerts via App prompt, emails, phone call/SMS, HTTP, etc.

    UbiBot LD1 supports two-channel leak detection, a maximum of 100 meters, quickly identify the leakage point. The wire core-sheath is made of quick-drying material, which can be quickly restored to a normal state aier wiping or drying.

    *Please take note that the Leak Detection Cord needs to be purchased separately.

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